The earliest map, which exists in Sutton library, is:

The map shows that the only houses in Wallington to the south of Croydon road at that time were on the west of Manor road. The map does not show road names but it is likely that our road was called Hollow road.


The next oldest map is the Ordnance Survey issue 1. This was drawn in 1868. Again there are only houses on the west side of the road.

The houses on Wrights Row at the back are part of the old hamlet - the 1851 census shows 14 Houses on Wrights Row.

In 1870 the railway came through Wallington and extensive housing development started. The ordnance survey map of 1896 shows that land on both sides of Manor Road to the south had been used for building.

More recent maps do not add anything to the picture. The area around our house had all become filled with houses by the year 1900.